Mart de Roos

Hi there, I am Mart de Roos and I have a bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Twente, achieved in 2021. I will start a master at the University of Twente in software technology in 2021.

During my bachelor study I have worked on numerous projects and have gained experience in quite a few languages (Java, Haskell, C++, Python, JavaScript, Html). Some of these projects involved working with a company such as the Twente Dashboard project which I enjoyed working on. Because the University of Twente is quite international I have experience in working on projects in English.

Besides school projects I also like working on some of my own projects to learn new things like programming languages. A project I am currently working on is a multiplayer First Person Shooter made with unity. To keep learning, I also tend to create simple games in multiple languages like tic-tac-toe and I also like to revisit older projects (starting from scratch again) to see how I tackle the same project differently with my new experience.

So far I have only had part-time jobs. I have worked at Nettorama and Albert Heijn as restocker and occasionally I am a teaching assistant for my bachelor study in Computer Science.

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Mart de Roos
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